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About PTI

Established in 2000, Prime e-Tech International Ptd Ltd provides one-stop thermal solutions resource and other semi-con machinery and parts supply.

  • We are the appointed authorised distributor of Watlow thermal components.
  • We provide thermal expertise for industrial heaters, sensors, and controllers to numerous applications.
  • We supply and service Hanmi systems in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia (south), and Vietnam.
  • Hanmi is the number one back-end assembly systems maker.
  • We are the authorised distributor of Jastech deflash systems.
  • It includes three types of deflash systems - water, chemical, and electrolytic.

Wafer Fab Spare Parts and T/C Wafer

  • We supply spare and consumable parts for wafer fab, such as ceramic and quarts, and engineering plastic items.
  • We also supply T/C wafers.

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Watlow authorised distributor certificate for the territory of Singapore
Watlow Authorised Distributor
Hanmi authorised agent certificate for the territory of Singapore
Hanmi Semi agent contribution award